Cupcake Party and a Fashionista Cake

30 Sep

A lady picked up my business card from a party I made cupcakes for and contacted me.  Her daughter was turning 17, she loves to bake and it is her dream to open a cupcake shop. I was commissioned to create a cupcake decorating party for her and five closest friends plus make a fun birthday cake.

Caitlin (the now 17-year-old) is into all things girly.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves shoes and purses. I’ve never had the opportunity to make something like this (I’m not exactly the most “girly” girl), so I had a great time looking at ideas and planning out the cake. It was a pretty involved process. I had to start the shoe a week in advance to give it enough time to dry, and it took several more days to slowly add the different parts. The flowers and pearls were formed a few days in advance and I made the purse out of Rice Crispy treats and covered it in fondant the night before.

It was had a lot of fun putting the cake together and I was so happy with the way it turned out. My mom is into all sorts of accessories and this is really a cake that she could be proud of 🙂

A side view of the cake and the cute high heel.

For the cupcake class, I made each “student” a kit that coordinated with the cake.

Party and cupcake fun.


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